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Public Banking Institute News: June 21, 2017

Santa Barbara County, California Joins the National Public Bank Conversation Frank Sanitate’s Opinion piece in the Santa Barbara News-Press was met with strong, public support, including some elected officials. Public Bank advocates are ready to help Santa Barbara County take a deeper look at the Public Banking Solution. Officials are eager to find a realistic […]

Université Marxiste d’été 2017

Le marxisme est une théorie qui nous aide à comprendre la société injuste dans laquelle nous vivons. Mais au fait, avons-nous besoin d’une théorie pour changer le monde ? L’action ne suffit-elle pas ? Lors de n’importe quelle discussion pour convaincre qu’il faut lutter, on peut entendre des excuses du genre « manifester ça sert à rien », « les […]

Public Banking Institute News: June 13, 2017

  Celebrating a Big Win for Public Banking! PBI Chair Walt McRee and PBI’s NJ State Coordinator Joan Bartl attended a victory party for NJ gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy in Princeton, NJ last week, celebrating the beginning of a new era of mainstream acceptance of public banking in American public policy.  What does it mean for the movement? […]

Public Banking Institute News: June 6, 2017

  Philadelphia Says ‘Bye-Bye’ to Wells Fargo: Is the Next Step a Pubic Bank? More and more local governments are divesting from Wells Fargo after multiple scandals. Philadelphia recently jumped ship and left Wells Fargo. Philadelphia is also one of public banking’s rising stars. This article was reprinted by Moyers & Company. Bill Moyers’ […]

Public Banking Institute News: May 24, 2017

   From Seattle to Santa Fe – Cities Are at the Center of the Public Banking Movement Jimmy Tobias of The Nation offers a comprehensive look at city-based public banking efforts in Oakland, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He also provides background on the only public bank in the US—the Bank of North Dakota—and […]

Aussi dans les médias cette semaine

Aussi dans les médias cette semaine – deze week ook in het nieuws : 06 05 – vrt – Bitcoin en co blijven records verpulveren (en vragen oproepen) 05 05 – rtbf – Les communes huppées du Brabant wallon, terres de fraude à l’assurance selon Axa 05 05 – hangthebankers – Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner […]

Public Banking Institute News: May 4, 2017

Bernie Says YES! An endorsement of public banking by one of America’s most popular political leaders lifts the profile and credibility of public banking to new heights. In Vermont last Friday, the national discussion about public banks tapped a powerful mainstream channel. – Now TWO NJ Gubernatorial Candidates say YES to a Public Bank Green […]

Public Banking Institute News: April 26, 2017

   Dogging Democracy’s Future: TISA is Back — A Threat to Public Banks  A cousin to the dreaded TPP “trade” pact, TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) is being resurrected by unrelenting global corporatists who see it as a way to expand and consolidate their financial control. Defeated by American popular demand last Fall, the secretive TPP and […]

Public Banking Institute News: April 18, 2017

Santa Fe’s Public Bank Moves Another Step Closer! A public bank task force Resolution has just passed the Santa Fe Finance Committee, clearing the way for the City Council to vote on proceeding with creation of the Task Force that will be responsible to create a public bank for the city.  That vote is scheduled for […]

Public Banking Institute News: Mar. 9, 2017

Oakland Public Bank Feasibility Study Delayed The proposed institution could provide low-interest loans to students and home buyers, support small businesses, invest in local infrastructure, and give the city’s cannabis industry expanded access to banking services. However, some are crying foul over recent delays and pointing the finger at City Hall. Cities and States Prefer […]

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