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Public Banking Institute News: July 19, 2017

  Santa Fe Chooses Public Banking Task Force On June 28th Santa Fe, New Mexico’s City Council approved Mayor Javier Gonzales appointment of the 9 member Public Banking Task Force that will determine requirements to establish a public bank for the City of Santa Fe.  Learn more about the  appointees, their qualifications  and the task force […]

Public Banking Institute News: June 6, 2017

  Philadelphia Says ‘Bye-Bye’ to Wells Fargo: Is the Next Step a Pubic Bank? More and more local governments are divesting from Wells Fargo after multiple scandals. Philadelphia recently jumped ship and left Wells Fargo. Philadelphia is also one of public banking’s rising stars. This article was reprinted by Moyers & Company. Bill Moyers’ […]

Quelques articles sur le blog de Public Banking Institute

Michael Hudson Interview: Public Banking Needed to Stop “Cannibalization” of the Economy Posted on May 27, 2013 by Administrator • March 29, 2013 Watch Michael Hudson’s interview with Paul Jay of The Real News Network. Michael Hudson: As long as finance is left in private hands, you’re going to have austerity and America ending up […]

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