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Public Banking Institute News: May 4, 2017

Bernie Says YES! An endorsement of public banking by one of America’s most popular political leaders lifts the profile and credibility of public banking to new heights. In Vermont last Friday, the national discussion about public banks tapped a powerful mainstream channel. – Now TWO NJ Gubernatorial Candidates say YES to a Public Bank Green […]

Public Banking Institute News: April 26, 2017

   Dogging Democracy’s Future: TISA is Back — A Threat to Public Banks  A cousin to the dreaded TPP “trade” pact, TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement) is being resurrected by unrelenting global corporatists who see it as a way to expand and consolidate their financial control. Defeated by American popular demand last Fall, the secretive TPP and […]

Public Banking Institute News: April 18, 2017

Santa Fe’s Public Bank Moves Another Step Closer! A public bank task force Resolution has just passed the Santa Fe Finance Committee, clearing the way for the City Council to vote on proceeding with creation of the Task Force that will be responsible to create a public bank for the city.  That vote is scheduled for […]

Public Banking Institute News: Mar. 9, 2017

Oakland Public Bank Feasibility Study Delayed The proposed institution could provide low-interest loans to students and home buyers, support small businesses, invest in local infrastructure, and give the city’s cannabis industry expanded access to banking services. However, some are crying foul over recent delays and pointing the finger at City Hall. Cities and States Prefer […]

Public Banking Institute News: Feb. 24, 2017

Oakland Holds Community Forum on Public Banking The idea of creating a public bank in Oakland is under serious consideration. While the chief motivation is to keep local money in Oakland, a public bank could also give the city’s cannabis industry expanded access to banking services. Additionally, the proposed institution could provide low-interest loans to […]

Public Banking Institute News: Jan. 10, 2017

Actually, Public Banks Can Be GREAT for Communities According to a recent Op-Ed in the Seattle Times by Michael Waite, former candidate for Seattle treasurer, public banks create conflicts of interest and are a disservice to the taxpayer. Not so fast, Michael. Public banks have an excellent track record in helping states and cities finance […]

Newsletter 12 2016 – –

Geknoei van Leterme doet Arco-ers de das om. De PVDA reikt de oplossing aan, maar de regering luistert niet. De juridische mallemolen heeft nog enkele rondjes gedraaid en het Europese Hof in Luxemburg is tot een besluit gekomen. Het Hof heeft beslist dat de waarborg van de regering Leterme voor de particuliere coöperanten van Arco […]

Newsletter 10 2016 – –

N-VA: de partij van liegen en bedriegen. De vervalste foto hieronder links staat op de website van ene Peter De Decker. De man met het protestbord is Andries Smet. Ik ken Andries. Hij ijvert al jaren voor de compensatie voor de ARCO-slachtoffers. De Decker is parlementslid voor de N-VA. Peter speelt al jaren stokebrand als […]

Public Banking Institute News: Oct. 20, 2016

  California AG Opens Criminal Investigation into Wells Fargo Documents released Wednesday show California’s attorney general is conducting a criminal investigation into whether employees at San Francisco-based Wells Fargo bank stole customers’ identities in the sales practices scandal that rocked the bank and cost its CEO his job. Read more HERE. Hedge Funds Cost New […]

Public Banking Institute News: Oct. 13, 2016

It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown Join PBI founder Ellen Brown in her discussion with Bill Black, author of the book entitled, “The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One.” Renowned for obtaining convictions of almost a thousand bankers when he was a Federal regulator in the 1990’s, Black talks with Ellen […]

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